Save any webpage as PDF file format from Google Chrome

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Saving any webpage as a PDF file is a common feature of Google Chrome. “Save as PDF” is not a plugin actually but a feature which is provided by Google Chrome (unlike Mozilla Firefox). Whenever you come across any webpage that you want to save for further reading you can take an screenshot or save the webpage as a PDF file. If I’m right then you’ll have to install PDF driver or software(s) which enable this printing to PDF file feature in web browsers. Google Chrome already come with this awesome feature (which can be provided by a plugin if not present) of printing in PDF file. Continue reading

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Quickly search and open links by just drag drop in Firefox

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firefox mozilla icon

Just select the text or link, drag it and then leave it. This is the simple method now for looking up any word or for opening URL into new tab. Previously I’ve already told you about the quickest way for searching anything in Wikipedia or Wiktionary without opening any tab, today I’ll be telling you about searching any word/phrase in Google as quickly as possible (just by dragging and dropping gesture). Continue reading

Twitbin: The Best Twitter Siderbar For Your Browser

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I’ve already told you about the Facebook sidebar for Firefox which helps you to sit back and surf while you can still chat with your Facebook friends. Today I’ll be introducing with a similar sidebar but this time not for Facebook, its about Twitter. I know that I’ve posted a comment on Indians related to Twitter in my article: Now Get Twitter & Facebook Notification Counts Right From Firefox Tabs Continue reading

Defending Yourself in Court: Bad Idea

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If you have been charged with a crime you do have the right to invoke the sixth amendment which is the right to self representation, which means that you would be waiving your right to counsel. There are significant disadvantages for any person who entertains the notion of being their own counsel; these dangers are what we will try to address in this article. A Sacramento criminal attorney is trained for years within criminal case law and statues and many believe that it is wise to leave your criminal cases to the experts. Continue reading

Get Insights About The Websites That You Visit By SimilarWeb Plugin

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Similar Web is a Mozilla recommended add-on which provides insights about the websites along with similar sites. There are lots of plugins available today that will help you provide detailed analysis of websites, provides you with website’s ranks across the globle and also country wise. One such plugin which I’ve already talked about is WebRank Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox andWebRank extension for Google Chrome.

I’ve already told you about some of the basic SEO terms like Website Rank, Page Rank, Backlinks, etc in this article.
SimilarWeb has lots of features to talk about. You can checkout the screenshot of the plugin taken for

Let me tell you some of its features in brief so that you’ll get idea of them.

Website Ranking

They have there own alogrithms designed to provide the best possible results. You can get any website’s Global rank or Country rank or get to know how successful is the website in its category that you are visiting.

For example: As statistics say on 1st April, 2013 has Global Rank:1 ,Country Rank: 1, Category Rank:1 has Global Rank: 2, Country Rank: 2, Category Rank: 1

The category for Facebook is “Social Networking” in which it ranks number 1 and similarly Google’s category is “Search Engine” in which it stood first.

Continue reading

How To Zoom And Rotate Any Image Present On The Web

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ImageZoon Plugin

I already told you about plugin which can show high quality image searched on Google images within same window so you have no need of opening the image in new tab and then clicking on view full image link to get the image. Today I’ll be telling you about another plugin which has a capability of zooming and rotating any image in any webpage. You might be thinking that the image will be shown zoomed or rotated in a new tab or new window but its not. The rotated or zoomed image is shown there within the page and where it is present.
So from now onwards you can zoom your profile picture in Facebook or rotate it by 180 degrees. The name of the plugin is Image Zoom which provides good and handy options for rotating or zooming the image either by using a right click context menu or by using the combination of mouse buttons.  So let’s start to know the plugin more and discuss about its installation, settings and usage with functionality it provides. Continue reading

How to download all the links from a web page

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well many times we like a lot of things on a webpage like some photos,videos and some audios.there`s a plugin in firefox called “download them all”. it lets you to download every link on a webpage be it any photo or video.
it does not only download them it also accelerates your download speed.

lets see how it works? Continue reading

Get IPL Cricket Match Score with Score Watch Addon

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Cricket ScoreWatch

Are you a Cricket fan? Do you want Cricket Match Score everywhere you go? If you are from India then I know you are a Cricket Fan because almost all Indian’s are Cricketers and Cricket fans. This article mainly focuses on Cricket fans because today I’ll be telling you about an addon which displays cricket match score right within your browser’s status bar. Yes from now onwards you don’t have to open any website to get the score of matches. Continue reading

Play Your Favorite Songs by FireTube – YouTube music player plugin

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A YouTube music player plugin installed right into your Firefox. Doesn’t it sounds cool? Yes it is, at least for me it is.

YouTube is the best and #1 video hosting website. There are many features of YouTube but the one I want to highlight is its search. Suppose you want to search a song from 1980 ‘s, yep you heard me right it is 1980 only; at least for an example you can search 1980 songs, then doing a Google search to play it online and listen to it would not be right until and unless the song is a very popular one. Google search for 1980′s song would show results which are also search URLs at other music websites and you wouldn’t find the song. It has happened to me a lot of time that while searching an old song Google will land me to another website, which searches the same song for me in their database and wouldn’t find it. But YouTube has always helped me in this situation, whenever an old song is searched; the first result that comes up will be the right one (Thanks YouTube you didn’t search other websites). Continue reading