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Defending Yourself in Court: Bad Idea

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If you have been charged with a crime you do have the right to invoke the sixth amendment which is the right to self representation, which means that you would be waiving your right to counsel. There are significant disadvantages for any person who entertains the notion of being their own counsel; these dangers are what we will try to address in this article. A Sacramento criminal attorney is trained for years within criminal case law and statues and many believe that it is wise to leave your criminal cases to the experts. Continue reading

Save any webpage as PDF file format from Google Chrome

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Saving any webpage as a PDF file is a common feature of Google Chrome. “Save as PDF” is not a plugin actually but a feature which is provided by Google Chrome (unlike Mozilla Firefox). Whenever you come across any webpage that you want to save for further reading you can take an screenshot or save the webpage as a PDF file. If I’m right then you’ll have to install PDF driver or software(s) which enable this printing to PDF file feature in web browsers. Google Chrome already come with this awesome feature (which can be provided by a plugin if not present) of printing in PDF file.

PDF, abbreviated as Portable Document Format, files are most common among all other file formats. Wikipedia says :

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to represent documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed to display it. In 1991, Adobe Systems co-founder John Warnock outlined a system called “Camelot” that evolved into PDF. more

So saving as PDF is a cool feature overall. Follow these steps to print any webpage or document in PDF from Google Chrome:

How To: Print in PDF file format from Google Chrome

  1. If you want to print the full page (include images also) the open the page in Google Chrome and click print button or select “Print” from right click menu or press “Control+P” from keyboard. From the printing screen select “Save as PDF” (it may be found in the destination section) and click print. You’ll be asked to specify the saving location for PDF file or it will directly save in “Documents” folder.
  2. If you want to print only a part of the web page then select the part and then print as PDF as described in step1.
  3. If you come across when you’ve to print something important like form filled online or fund transfer receipts or bill payments then you can save them as PDF files instead of directly printing via printer. You can print the PDF files later whenever required via printer.

Quickly search and open links by just drag drop in Firefox

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firefox mozilla icon

Just select the text or link, drag it and then leave it. This is the simple method now for looking up any word or for opening URL into new tab. Previously I’ve already told you about the quickest way for searching anything in Wikipedia or Wiktionary without opening any tab, today I’ll be telling you about searching any word/phrase in Google as quickly as possible (just by dragging and dropping gesture).

If you’ve already used QuickDrag, then you must be knowing how awesome it is.! Or If you are new to this plugin then after using it you’ll say how awesome it is because this plugin doesn’t let any person to hate it.

Installation of QuickDrag

  1. See our resources section to find out the URL of the plugin
  2. Go through our guide about new plugin or addon installation in Mozilla Firefox

How To: Use QuickDrag Plugin

  1. After installing QuickDrag plugin, restart your Firefox to apply changes
  2. To search any word(s) in Google
    1. Select any word(s) from the web page
    2. Hold you mouse, drag it and drop it anywhere
    3. The word(s) will be searched in Google, in a new Tab
  3. To open any link
    1. If you want you may select it, but without selection it will also work
    2. Hold your mouse over the link, drag it and drop it anywhere
    3. The link will be opened in a new Tab

Settings of QuickDrag

With QuickDrag plugin you are provided with five checkboxes as settings. You can check/uncheck them according to your needs. They are:

  1. Open tabs for web addresses in the foreground
  2. Open tabs for text searches in the foreground
  3. Use drag-and-drop to download images
  4. Open clickable links in new tabs instead of searching or saving
  5. Enable Marketing

Twitbin: The Best Twitter Siderbar For Your Browser

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I’ve already told you about the Facebook sidebar for Firefox which helps you to sit back and surf while you can still chat with your Facebook friends. Today I’ll be introducing with a similar sidebar but this time not for Facebook, its about Twitter. I know that I’ve posted a comment on Indians related to Twitter in my article: Now Get Twitter & Facebook Notification Counts Right From Firefox Tabs

Twitbin is a cool name. Isn’t it? This is a sidebar made for Twitter by which you can do almost all of the stuff that you can do on Twitter.com. You can tweet from any website, in sense that the sidebar will be available while you’ll be surfing other sites so whenever you want to just send a tweet. If you found any useful link or you liked any of our articles (maybe this one) then you can directly share links on Twitter because Twitbin allows “One click share any site with your friends and audience on twitter“. With Twitbin you can interact with your friends, follow your conversation quickly and easily. And obviously you’ll download the latest plugin so it will be fully compatible with Firefox higher versions.

Maybe you want to check out Twitbin’s 3:24 min video present on YouTube

Adding a new account and authorizing the application

When the plugin is installed (and after the restart of browser) you’ll be required to add a new account to Twitbin and authorize it. Twitbin will open up this page automatically:

After entering the username and password click on Authorize app button which will generate a numeric code like this:

And you cannot enter this code manually otherwise I’ll be not showing you the actual code

Open Websites In Google Chrome That Only Supports Internet Explorer

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google chrome - fast way to

You must have faced this problem now or then that whenever you are filling any Government examination forms online, you just need Internet explorer to open them. If I give example of such websites then the first that will come to my mind is ssc.nic.in. Some bank websites like Syndicate Bank’s website is also supported in Internet Explorer only.

Okay assume a situation in which you’ve selected the best jeans of your favorite brand, from your favorite shopping website inGoogle Chrome, and proceeding to checkout. While making payment you selected the bank’s website which only support Internet Explorer. The bank’s website is saying that you cannot make a transaction due to browser and then what you do is open Internet Explorer and follow the same process to checkout. This happened to me today only when I was ordering Dominos Pizza online and Syndicate Bank’s website showed me this error.

IE Tabs is a plugin for Google Chrome that can fix things for you and provide Internet Explorer type environment withing Google Chrome for the websites.

How To: Use IE Tabs in Google Chrome

Using IE Tabs is pretty much simple as firstly you gotta adjust the settings according to you and the click on the IE Tabs icon which will provide a new address bar. Lets get into a bit more details.

  1. Settings

    1. To open the options or settings of IE Tabs just right click on the plugin’s icon  and select options.
    2. In options you’ll find a setting like this:
      Select the appropriate mode that you want to use. This may ask for Google Chrome to restart because change will take effects after the restart.
  2. Getting the IE Tabs bar

    1. Whenever you know that you’ve to open any website which is Internet Explorer compatible only, then just click on the icon of IE Tabs icon  and new address bar will be shown beneath the normal address bar.
    2. Copy paste the URL of website that you want to open or enter the website’s URL.
    3. Surf Internet Explorer type in Google Chrome and enjoy this plugin

Just for you information: The extension was a great hit in Google web-store. It is one of the Top10 plugins since 2009!
Note:- For features like IE8 or IE9 Standard Modes, Internet Explorer 8 or 9 must be installed receptively.

Useful Links

  1. IE Tabs extension page for Google Chrome
  2. How To: install IE Tabs and other extensions in Google Chrome
  3. More cool plugins like this one
  4. Plugins related to Tabs

Get Insights About The Websites That You Visit By SimilarWeb Plugin

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Similar Web is a Mozilla recommended add-on which provides insights about the websites along with similar sites. There are lots of plugins available today that will help you provide detailed analysis of websites, provides you with website’s ranks across the globle and also country wise. One such plugin which I’ve already talked about is WebRank Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox andWebRank extension for Google Chrome.

I’ve already told you about some of the basic SEO terms like Website Rank, Page Rank, Backlinks, etc in this article.
SimilarWeb has lots of features to talk about. You can checkout the screenshot of the plugin taken for Facebook.com:

Let me tell you some of its features in brief so that you’ll get idea of them.

Website Ranking

They have there own alogrithms designed to provide the best possible results. You can get any website’s Global rank or Country rank or get to know how successful is the website in its category that you are visiting.

For example: As statistics say on 1st April, 2013
Facebook.com has Global Rank:1 ,Country Rank: 1, Category Rank:1
Google.com has Global Rank: 2, Country Rank: 2, Category Rank: 1

The category for Facebook is “Social Networking” in which it ranks number 1 and similarly Google’s category is “Search Engine” in which it stood first.


Traffic Sources

In this area of plugin you can find from where the traffic is coming to the website? You can get the information of all traffic sources that the website has.Traffic sources includes the sources that make people visit the website. Like clicking on links in emails will say email as a traffic source or searching in search engine will tell you search is the main source. So you can get the traffic sources right from the plugin. Different sources included in plugin are: Direct, Links, Search, Social, Mail, Display

To get “Full Analysis” click on the button and it will show you full details about the website on SimilarWeb.com

Similar Sites

This is also a cool feature provided to you by this plugin. It show you similar website links all with the other details means the top websites in every site category is presented to you.

Let me explain how it can be useful. Suppose you’ve a question about a car, like “When is this car model number xyz will be available in your country?“. What you can do is find a relevant blog or forum related to this question and just open the plugin which will show you the most relevant similar website where you can put up your question. This increases of your question getting answered faster.

How To Zoom And Rotate Any Image Present On The Web

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ImageZoon Plugin

I already told you about plugin which can show high quality image searched on Google images within same window so you have no need of opening the image in new tab and then clicking on view full image link to get the image. Today I’ll be telling you about another plugin which has a capability of zooming and rotating any image in any webpage. You might be thinking that the image will be shown zoomed or rotated in a new tab or new window but its not. The rotated or zoomed image is shown there within the page and where it is present.
So from now onwards you can zoom your profile picture in Facebook or rotate it by 180 degrees. The name of the plugin is Image Zoom which provides good and handy options for rotating or zooming the image either by using a right click context menu or by using the combination of mouse buttons.  So let’s start to know the plugin more and discuss about its installation, settings and usage with functionality it provides.

Installation of Image Zoom

May it be Mozilla Firefox plugin or Google Chrome plugin, I’ve told in almost every plugin that the installation part is not much complicated. All you need is just the URL to the addon page in mozilla.org which will be provided definitely in our useful links section below. If in any case you don’t find the URL than you can contact me regarding the same. You might also want to check out our guide for installing addons and plugins in Mozilla Firefox.

Usage of ImageZoom

Now that you have already installed the plugin and restarted your browser, you can use the plugin either by right click or bycombination of mouse buttons.

Let’s see first the right click context menu of the plugin.

  1. Just right click on any image in a webpage (may it be your profile page on Facebook)
  2. You’ll find two options: One for zooming image and another for rotating image.
  3. In the zoom option you’ll find the : zoom in, zoom reset, zoom out, custom zoom, custom dimensions, image fit and other percentage of actual image size the plugin can zoom.
  4. All the menus are easily usable. In custom zoom you’ll have to provide the zoom factor whereas in custom dimensions you’ll have to specify width and height of the image along with the maintain aspect ratio selected or deselected.
  5. Image fit will fit the image to the boundaries. (I also don’t know how to tell this, you can try and see the changes by yourself)
  6. Similarly the rotate option in right click context menu provides with you four options. You can rotate right or left or by 180 degrees and also reset the rotation to default.

Using ImageZoom by combination of mouse buttons

  1. Now that you are bored of right clicking every image and zooming in or zooming out and then again right clicking to reset, I’ll tell you cool mouse button combinations which comes by default and are also changeable according to your needs.
  2. To Fit an image:
    1. While keeping pressed the right click button, hit left click and see the image zoom function. It will fit the image to the boundaries
  3. To reset the fit image or zoomed image:
    1. While keeping pressed the right click button of mouse, press the middle click and the image will be reverted back to its original dimensions
  4. To zoom in and zoom out image:
    1. While keeping pressed the right click button of mouse, scroll the mouse wheel and the image will be zoomed in or zoomed out according to the scrolling.


Settings of ImageZoom

ImageZoom doesn’t provides much complicated settings as in zooming and rotating images there will be few options only. Above in the mouse buttons combination I mainly focused pressing the right click button constantly and then clicking or scrolling other button. So to change your most focused button (which is right click button by default), open the settings or options of the plugin and change the button. You and also select the right click context menu items in settings. Other settings are easy to understand and below you’ll find a screen shot of the settings.

How to download all the links from a web page

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well many times we like a lot of things on a webpage like some photos,videos and some audios.there`s a plugin in firefox called “download them all”. it lets you to download every link on a webpage be it any photo or video.
it does not only download them it also accelerates your download speed.

lets see how it works?

open any website,say raaga.com.(its an amazing site for those who love music).

just click right on the page and then this small window pops up

a window showing all the links for files will pop up.select the links you want to download

for pictures and media click on the tab next to links tab and select the links you want to download.

DownThemAll is fast, reliable and easy-to-use! It lets you download all the links or images contained in a webpage and much more: you can refine your downloads by fully customizable criteria to get only what you really want! Be in full control over your downloads, dedicated speed and number of parallel connections at any time.


Get IPL Cricket Match Score with Score Watch Addon

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Cricket ScoreWatch

Are you a Cricket fan? Do you want Cricket Match Score everywhere you go? If you are from India then I know you are a Cricket Fan because almost all Indian’s are Cricketers and Cricket fans. This article mainly focuses on Cricket fans because today I’ll be telling you about an addon which displays cricket match score right within your browser’s status bar. Yes from now onwards you don’t have to open any website to get the score of matches.

Cricket Match Score – Score Watch

Score Watch (v1.0) is really a cool extension that tell you the score of Cricket matches all over the world. Score Watch usesESPN Cricinfo and ecb.co.uk as source sites to display relevant and updated cricket match score. Score Watch has also one cool feature that whenever there is a fall of wicket, then it will display a notification regardless Mozilla Firefox is minimized or not. Here’s an image of the notification.

Score Watch displays a list consisting of all the presently going matches accross the globle. And it refreshes the score every 5 seconds so that you’ll the latest score. Here’s a screenshot of all matches going on while writing this article. The matches that doesn’t have any score displayed will be played today. Have a look:

By clicking on the “Full Scorecard” button you’ll be redirected to the source website which haves the full and detailed information of the cricket match score. The addon has also an option of pausing itself for updating the scores. There is also an option to enable/disable Score Watch at startup of Firefox or to enable/disable Wicket Alerts. You can also set the refresh timings from 5secs or 10seconds or 20seconds or 25seconds or 1minute. I personally like the latest and live score so my refresh interval is the minimum i.e. 5seconds. This is how the preference dialog looks like this.

Play Your Favorite Songs by FireTube – YouTube music player plugin

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A YouTube music player plugin installed right into your Firefox. Doesn’t it sounds cool? Yes it is, at least for me it is.

YouTube is the best and #1 video hosting website. There are many features of YouTube but the one I want to highlight is its search. Suppose you want to search a song from 1980 ‘s, yep you heard me right it is 1980 only; at least for an example you can search 1980 songs, then doing a Google search to play it online and listen to it would not be right until and unless the song is a very popular one. Google search for 1980′s song would show results which are also search URLs at other music websites and you wouldn’t find the song. It has happened to me a lot of time that while searching an old song Google will land me to another website, which searches the same song for me in their database and wouldn’t find it. But YouTube has always helped me in this situation, whenever an old song is searched; the first result that comes up will be the right one (Thanks YouTube you didn’t search other websites).

So searching and playing a song from YouTube means that first result will be your song that you want to play, therefore you just type the name of song and it starts playing instantly. If you’ve a slow internet connection then also the song will be played as the player plays the smallest size song from YouTube. You can also play video from YouTube with slow internet connection with another plugin.

The plugin get installed in Mozilla Firefox and can be accessed from the plugin’s favorite place – the add-on bar. You can quickly hide/unhide the add-on bar by using control + / or in mac use command + /.


How To: Use YouTube Music Player

Searching and playing the song

It’s really simple to use. The basic is type the song’s name or artist’s name and hit enter. That’s it. Lets go in a little more explanation.

Firstly you gotta open the music player search box by clicking on the search icon. It is located in between the song’s name box and player timer box.
Then you gotta type the song’s name or artist’s name in the search box and hit enter. That’s it.

The player will do the search on YouTube and starts to play the first song’s video in back-end. Yes the player plays the video but it is not displayed. So it’s seems like an audio player. By the way the video is of lower resolution so that the player doesn’t starts to buffer in between the song.

Navigation between songs

Navigation keys are present for “Rewind 10 seconds” “Play/Pause” “Fast forward 10 seconds” inside the player . You can also use shortcuts for these controls. control + Left will rewind 10 seconds, control + UP will do the play/pause functions and control + Right will fast forward 10 seconds.

If you want to see the next song’s name which will be played then you can click on the list icon and the list like below will be displayed to you, by which you can directly jump to next song of the same artist.

Volume controls

The volume control is hidden but it can also be displayed by clicking on the songs time display.

Overall I liked the YouTube music player plugin and want you to give it a try. This plugin is not affiliated to YouTube Inc. in any ways, just want you should know this. Wait have I told you that there’s download button like this is  provided with plugin. Nevertheless you know now. If FireTube is not working then:
– The most likely cause is a JavaScript blocker such as NoScript is installed. The YouTube API requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to function correctly.
– In the “about:config” settings, “plugins.click_to_play must be enabled.
– If errors still persist, try uninstalling and reinstalling again.

Shifty: A Cool feature that enable you to edit or move elements on any Web Page

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Bored of surfing the internet and flipping through web pages for the whole day? Now there’s a cool plugin for Google Chrome which will let you play with any web page that you’ve currently opened.

If we study any web page, then we’ll find that every web page is made of up HTML elements and divisions stacked on over the other. These elements are nested which means that there will be a bigger division inside which smaller divisions with different content and images exists. If you want to see the full overlapping and nesting of HTML elements then you might want to install Tilt plugin which shows any web page in 3D.

Shifty is a cool plugin for Google Chrome which takes advantages of this structure and nesting of elements tomove any element within a web page and to edit them on fly. You must be thinking that “what is the use of such a plugin?” or “where will it benefit to me?“. This is the same question that came to my mind also when I found this plugin. Read my little story below to find out how I benefited from this cool plugin.

My little story about Shifty

In my college I’ve to prepare a document based on a social website developed by my team. The problem with the website was that, the website was made in such a limited amount of time that the developers didn’t got time to developed the chatting section of the website and there was a problem with one table’s positioning. My work was to prepare the document of the full website including the features that were not present. Then I found the solution with Shifty plugin. I edited the text of chatting box present on some other website and moved the table to the required position. After doing all this fishy things I took the screenshots and pasted in the document. So now you know how shifty helped me in my work.

Installation procedure is same as other Google Chrome extensions. You might want to check out our guide if you don’t know how to install extensions in chrome.

How To: use Shifty plugin

  1. After installation you’ll see a hand icon on the right side of the address bar in chrome.
  2. Just click on it and you’ll find two options: Edit Text and Move Elements.
  3. Clicking on any of this will then display “working…” which will take a lot of time in my case. When it shows “working…” basically shifty processes the data in that web page. So if the web page is of small size then this time will reduce as compared to a large size web page.
  4. After the working text disappears, you can do what you’ve selected. If you’ve selected to edit the text then just click on any line present in the web page and start editing it or if you’ve selected to move the elements then just start moving the elements by dragging them form one location to another.


Use YouTube With Slow Connections, With Stop Autoplay Plugin

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So you are a YouTube fan? Yes, I’m right. We all enjoy YouTube and who doesn’t want to watch the latest videos on the world’s 3rd ranked website? The thing I’m wondering is not about YouTube now but it is 3rd ranked website then which are 1st and 2nd ranked websites? Well I’m going off the road but still no problem. The first ranked website is obviously Google and the second is another obvious one, which is The Facebook (I’ve watched “The Social Network” so I’ll also say “Drop Thejust “Facebook“) as the Alexa statistics says (as on 30th March 2013).

Coming BACK TO TOPIC, I’ll ask you that (Maybe long time back or now also) Do you have a slow internet connection? If yes then firstly I’m say that you should upgrade you internet plan as today all prefer to watch YouTube videos in atleast 720p. You use YouTube in a slow connection and gets irritated by the YouTube’s buffering method by which the video stops buffering when the video is paused.

Stop Autoplay for YouTube is a useful plugin for slow connections. It keeps on buffering the video even when the video is paused, so that you can watch the buffered video without getting irritated. The plugin description on Google Webstore says:
Stops YouTube autoplay but allows pre-buffering.

YouTube autoplay is annoying when you open a lot of pages at a time, but many extensions that turn it off also stop the pre-buffering of the video, which is crucial for slow networks. I hope this extension takes care of this annoyance.

Check How Many Visitor Are Online On Your Website Directly From Browser

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Do you have a website or a blog of your own? If yes that’s great else I’ll suggest you should register one free blog (maybe at WordPress.com). Having a blog is really a nice thing because this is the place where you can share your own thoughts, what you know and what you want to talk about with the world. I’m a tech-type guy so I do have few blogs like this one only.

If you are having your own special blog then you must be very intrested in the insights of your blog like how many people are visiting your blog, from which countries your visitors are coming or which articles they are sharing on social networks likeFacebook. If you have a wordpress blog then you want to check out our plugin “Social Statistics” which give social information about each of your article. Link To Social Statistics. Almost of the insights are provided by Google Analytics but one of the main feature that Google Analytics doesn’t provide is “Details of your visitors that are presently online on your website/blog”.

Whos.amung.us provides a simple, free, neat and clean widget with different designs, for our blog. The widget shows the present online users on the website and if you want to get the countries from which they belong, just click on it. In today’s time there are millions of blogs/websites which have their widget installed, my site also contains this widget.

SiteKey for whos.amung.us plugin

Whenever you get the code for whos.amung.us widget then there will be a unique sitekey generated. You’ll have to note it down because you’ll be needing it after the plugin installation. The site key length for free and pro versions are different in size.

To find out your SiteKey just check your code of the widget. The code will be like and site key will be there.

whos.amung.us plugin for Mozilla Firefox

There plugin for Mozilla Firefox can be seen into action in the Add-on Bar whos appearence can be toggled by shortcode “Control + /”. You need to restart the browser for activating the plugin. To see online visitors of your blog first you gotta add the site key in the plugin options section. A maximum number of 5 websites can be added to this plugin each having a different title. So save the site key and keep check your site’s visitors right from your & mine favourite Mozilla Firefox. A screenshot of the options of the plugin (the key mentioned is not the actual one  )

whos.amung.us extension for Google Chrome

So you are a Google Chrome lover not Mozilla Firefox? Nevertheless the same plugin with same features is available for Google Chrome also. Chrome has one more feature that almost all of the extension doesn’t require browser restart, they are just added and used without taking trouble in closing all of your work, then restarting.

To get the plugin in working state you gotta add your site in options, just like firefox. Right click on the plugin icon and copy paste the sitekey, give some title to it. Then save the option and you are good to go. If you’ve added more than one website then you gotta click on the plugin icon to get all of your website’s online user. The primary one is displayed in icon itself. A screenshot of options for Chrome (the key mentioned is not the actual one  ) :

Use Firefox Like Pro With FastestFox Plugin

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If I consider about categories related to the plugin then I would find that there are two categories of people. First category people knows about the plugin and are in love (♥) with it and second category people are those who aren’t aware about the plugin, its features, and will eventually turn into first category people when they install the plugin in their Firefox. The plugin which I’m boasting about is called FastestFox. Just like its name it helps the web surfing very fast and save a hell lot of time.

Consider a situation where you are really desperate to search about something and you did a Google search for it. For the first few pages of your searching you’ll flip through them because you are desperate to find it out. But the problem arises when you open the 10th or maybe 12th page and thought that all of these results could be presented on a single page. FastestFox solves the same problem for you. Well there is an option for you to increase the search results per page in settings. Without wasting any bit of time (that’s what FastesFox says) lets see FastestFox feature. Wait for a minute “Do you know that FastestFox plugin have its sibling extension for Google Chrome users called as FastestChrome?”

Main Features of FastestFox

  1. Auto load next page
  2. Wikipedia information on selection and hover
  3. Search selection over four different sites
  4. Save time by speeding up repetitive tasks
  5. Parallel downloads
  6. NEW: enhanced Google searches with related queries and results
  7. NEW: image based price comparison feature powered by Superfish

The are just main features of FastestFox. The plugin will definitely enhance your productivity and you will become so addictive to it that this plugin will become a necessity for you while browsing. Okay so let me tell you about some of its features in detail now.


Check the video about FastestFox

FastestFox features

  1. Auto load next page

    1. After installation of FastestFox in Firefox, just type a search query in Google and scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll find that the next page is automatically loaded and joined at the bottom of the page. Cool na? you don’t have to click on page number or next page link and all your pages searches are there with you so you can go back and forth with your search.Okay this automatically loading next page feature doesn’t only work on Google. Try scrolling to the bottom of the PluginsTalk homepage and the next page will automatically be loaded for you by FastestFox.
  2. Search selection in four different search sites

    1. Select any word and you’ll see a popup right there have four different image icons which are arranged in a grid. Clicking on any of these will open a new tab with search results of the selection text.Well for some people this pop up showing itself on every text selection is kind of irritating because they always not select the text for searching it on search site, some may be selecting it for just copy & pasting, and this is the reason why some users have rated the plugin with 2 or 3 stars instead of 5.
  3. Get Wikipedia information of selection text or on hover

  1. To get the Wikipedia information right into the browser, just select any word or text and the Wikipedia information is displayed there only in a nice cute little box with images (if found).

Don’t forget to check out the FastestChrome plugin for Google Chrome users. The features of both the plugins are same and are also made by the same developer “yongqli“.

Enhance Your Web Searches With FastestChrome Plugin

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fastestchrome Plugin

Do you really liked FastestFox plugin for Mozilla Firefox? I bet you’ve and for many of you FastestFox must have become a necessity. Right? Its just because FastestFox provides a lot of features which everyone want while surfing the web. Everyone wants to save his/her time and this is the reason why FastestFox is an addiction of everyone.

Google Chrome is already one of the fastest browser and adding an extension which will save more of your time will be awesome.FastestChorme, for Mozilla FireFox user this plugin will be “FastestFox for Google Chrome“. Well you can say that because both of the plugins are made by same developer. It’s been very long talking about the plugin without telling you guys the main features of FastestFox for Google Chrome or FastestChrome. So the awesome features which the plugin provides are (as mentioned at the Chrome webstore):

★ Endless Pages automatically loads the next page just before you reach the end so you don't have to click "Next" or wait
★ To open searches in a new tab middle click the icon
★ Look up definitions instantly by highlighting a word
★ Hover over a link to see how popular it is on Facebook and Twitter (now off by default, go to Options -> Show link info to enable)
★ Better Google: shows you relevant results from real-time and shopping search engines such as OneRiot and Amazon
★ Search more conveniently: select text then click on a search engine to search
★ Automatically turns text URLs into link

How To: Use FastestChrome

  1. Auto page loader in Google

    1. After installation of the plugin, search any text in Google search engine and scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see the next page automatically loaded without any clicking on the next page link. Saving time is what FastestChrome does. From now on you can keep scrolling instead of navigating via page links.
  2. Wikipedia Information over mouse hover

    1. You can get the Wiki information summary for any word by just hovering the word. FastestChrome will display the information then and there within a small curvy box. This is very helpful to find out meanings of words that are new to you.
  3. Search Any Selection Over Different Search Engines

    1. Just select any word and a small box containing icons of four different search sites appears. From the box you can search the selection in Google search engine or Wikipedia or DuckDuckGo or Surf Canyon. After selecting just click the relevant icon and a new tab is opened with searched words in appropriate search site.

Destroy Facebook Google etc With This Awesome Aame Plugin

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destroy the web

For most people it’s kind of new to listen that there are now game plugins for web browsers. Related to entertainment I already told you about these two cool plugins :

  1. Create your own music with Plink App
  2. Shifty: A Cool feature that enable you to edit or move elements on any Web Page

Today I’ll be telling you a real game plugin which you can play with any web page in both Firefox and Chrome. The name of the plugin is Destroy The Web. As the name suggests, the main motive of the game is to Destroy the web page. So whenever you get bored of any website (like I get bored of facebook after every 10 mins), you can activate the game mode on the page by clicking on the plugin icon and start shooting all of the elements on the page. Try to score as much as possible as there is a leadership board which will star you when you hit the maximum score. Be it Google or Facebook or Yahoo or some other website, you can destroy it whenever you want to.

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»  Enhance Your Web Searches With FastestChrome Plugin

Installation of Destroy The Web

The installation procedure for the plugin is same as other plugins. You’ll find useful links in the relevant section below. You might want to check out the guide to install plugins in Firefox or guide to install extensions plugins in Google Chrome.

How To Play Destroy The Web Game

  1. After installation of the plugin you’ll find the plugin icon on the left or right side of the browser
  2. Just click on the icon and the plugin will prepare the page as playground for the game
  3. After the plugin is ready it will show the countdown to start the game
  4. Then start shooting the elements on the web page as fast as you can and try to shoot in combo to score more
  5. After 30 seconds, you can submit the score to the leadership board with or without registration


URL Fixer hides your mistakes while typing wrong url

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URL Fixer plugin

So from now you can type whatever you want as a URL. If it is a slight mistake then URL Fixer will automatically catch it and correct your mistake. Here is an example where plugins acts as teacher because its corrects your mistake. It’s a bad joke right? Yes, I know. I can’t resists myself from cracking bad joke at good times, sorry.

You might want to checkout: Copy URLs of All Tabs or Selected Text or Selected Images

So I was telling you about the URL Fixer plugin. Suppose you’ve typed “google.con” instead of “google.com“, then also you’ll see the Google homepage instead of “Server not found” or “The page cannot be displayed” errors if the URL Fixer plugin is installed. Try typing “youtubr.com” for YouTube or “PluginsTalk.cop” for PluginsTalk, you’ll be redirected to the correct page automatically.

After redirecting to you to correct page, the plugin confirms that the corrections made to URL are right or not (by this below bar)?

You know what I’ve Avast Internet Security installed in my Windows8 Laptop and I found the same work done by avast also. But I guess avast cannot catch all the mistakes than the plugin can. Some other plugins like ABP can also do the same work, I’m not sure who’s the best among all. But the plugin made for fixing URLs will be more active in correcting the URLs, this is what I think.

How To: Use URL Fixer Plugin

Well you gotta do nothing actually to make the plugin work. Still if you want to make some exceptions or define rules you can get into the options of the plugin.

Manage Passwords & Auto Login Securely Using LastPass

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There are lots of password management tool available across all the platforms. Today I’ll be talking about one such famous plugin which is available across all the platforms, be it web browsers (Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari), mobile browsers, mobile apps, etc. LastPass is a password manager cum form filler. Whenever you come across any web form to fill or to login with your credentials, LastPass save your time and energy. Who doesn’t want such a thing that does work for them and saves there time?

If you’vnt used any password managing tool/plugins before then the first and foremost question which will come across your mind is that:

Will my passwords be safe if they are kept online? or Should I keep sensitive information like mycredit card information online?

Have a look at one more privacy plugin for Mozilla Firefox : Quickly hide all Firefox windows with a click of a button

Every application has different features and privacy statements. Instead of believing what others say about LastPass privacy statements, why don’t you look at it yourself? Have a quick look to it :

Your privacy is critically important to us. LastPass has a few guiding principles:

  • We don’t allow you to send LastPass critically important information like your usernames, passwords, account notes, and LastPass master password; instead your LastPass master password is used locally to encrypt the important data that’s sent to us so that no one, including LastPass employees ever can access it.
  • We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it.
  • We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, develop our products, or protect our rights.
  • We don’t store personal information on our servers unless required for the on-going operation of one of our services. (For example: If you choose to store login history, we keep login history, if you choose not to, we don’t)

So if you are comfortable enough to use this awesome auto-logger & password management plugin then lets start with the installation procedure.

Installation procedure for LastPass

  1. If you are installing in Firefox then you’ve to press “Add to Firefox” button from the plugin page (mentioned below)
  2. Then restart the browser

Basic Working of LastPass

LastPass has got lots of cool features. But I’ll be telling you its basic feature for auto logins and remembering passwords and let you explore its other features by yourself.

  1. After installation you’ll be prompted to signup for LastPass.com and create a master password
  2. This master password will be required to sign into your plugin and it will also act as a key to encrypt your data
  3. Either it will automatically log you in the plugin or click on the icon  lastpass icon to manually login
  4. After you logged in the icon turn red and from now onward LastPass will ask you to save your credentials whenever you login into new website. If you’ve saved the credentials for some website then LastPass will automatically log you in with saved password.

You can change your settings for LastPass or check your vault whenever you want to. So from now wherever you go, just download LastPass plugin > login into LastPass & then enjoy your password free life. You can also use LastPass to save your credit-card information. If you are on a public computer, don’t forget to logout from the plugin otherwise someone else will enjoy your password free life .

Now Get Twitter & Facebook Notification Counts Right From Firefox Tabs

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Tab Badge

When I talk about Social Networking plugins, I always have a lot to say about them. And if I’m right then social plugins have more download counts than the normal web browsers plugins. Facebook today is one of the most used social networking site along with Twitter. If you’ve been to Facebook or Twitter, which I know mostly have registered themselves on these networking websites and if I’m right then Indian people might not be using Twitter as much as they use Facebook, then there is something called notifications.

These notification counts are already shown as page title on Facebook, but Twitter misses out this feature. Tab Badge plugin is used for this purpose only. Tab Badge show the notification counts (new notifications), or change count on websites to be precise, on the Firefox tab itself so that you don’t have to open the tab and check the notifications (if any).

Tab Badge description says that:

Adds a small badge to your tabs to alert you to (for example) new messages on Facebook. The badge is also visible when the tabs are pinned so you can see when there’s something new available.

Take Full Page Screenshots; Edit them Within Firefox By FireShot Plugin

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There are many plugins & software available for taking a full page screenshot of the web page opened in web browser. Today I’ll be talking about one such awesome plugin “FireShot” which is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and more browsers.

We surf the internet daily and for some or the other reason we like to keep the copy of the content maybe for further reading. What I did in past is to select the full webpage and copy it in a Microsoft word document. Word keeps all the formatting of the web page. It’s like I’ve stored full webpage with its images and other textual content. Then I got struck when I want to take the screenshot of the page instead of just copy pasting its content. I found the solution for this very easily, but it was not a good solution, I zoomed out the web page by using control + plus button or by holding control and scrolling the mouse then taking screenshot of the full web page. I did the trick for some of the webpages, not for all obviously because there is also a limit to zoom out any webpage.

However when I took a screenshot the next thing which bugs me off is editing the screenshot and highlighting the main points or main area. For this simple work opening ms paint, then dragging the pointers, then text boxes to relevant places and editing was such a pain in the ass. So at last found a really cool solution which does both the work: taking screenshot of full page and then editing them without fighting with ms paint.

Before we move out further and get deep into the working of FireShot plugin, you must check out these three most important plugins for Firefox:

  1. Check Your Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation With Synonyms & Dictionary By Grammarly Plugin
  2. Quickly hide all Firefox windows with a click of a button
  3. Quickly search and open links by just drag drop in Firefox

FireShot Plugin

FireShot is an awesome plugin to take screenshots of a full webpage and edit them without opening another image editor. FireShot is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other web browsers. You can do the highlighting part in screenshot, or you can add a text or you can covert into gray scale image, etc with FireShot plugin.

Installation of FireShot Plugin in Mozilla Firefox

Installation process for all Firefox plugins is same. You’ll get the link to the plugin in the Useful Links section. If you don’t know how to install, then you might want to check the installation steps of plugins in Mozilla Firefox.

How to use FireShot Plugin?

A simple and easy procedure to take screenshot of the web page is as follows:

  1. Open the FireShot menu either by right clicking the page or directly form the plugin icon.
  2. Choose between capturing visible screen or selection area or full page.
  3. Then click in edit if you want to edit the screenshot or save or any other option form the relevant menu.
  4. If you choose to edit then editor will open up with lots of options. Until you edit and save the image you cannot use Firefox ):

You can toggle the appearance of context menu in options or you can add the FireShot right into your Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

This is not full FireShot Plugin, it is more than this. Just install it and check it out.

Let FabTabs color your tabs based on the website colors

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There are many tabs coloring plugins available today. Each having some or the other feature or some may be coloring in random order just to keep it eye soothing. One such plugin that I already talked about is ColorfulTabs for Firefox. The eye soothing colors of ColorfulTabs helps in tab navigation also.

Today I’ll be talking about another such plugin which will color the tabs of Mozilla Firefox based on the website colors. Yes what the plugin does is a simple thing. The plugin takes a screenshot of the webpage and analyse the color combination of the website. The most used color of the webpage found will the your tab color. So it actually matches the tab color to your website color.

This means that whenever you find green theme at PluginsTalk.com its tab color will be green or a red colored theme will make the tab color to red. Can you guess the color of tab for Facebook? Yes you guessed it right but still I won’t tell you because there may be many persons that has guessed the tab color as white.

For now onwards I’ve decided not to write the installation section as all of the Firefox plugins or Chrome extension have same basic steps to follow. There is a guide for plugins installation in Firefox and a guide for extension installation in Google Chrome.

How To: Use FabTabs

  1. After installation FabTabs will ask you to restart the browser.
  2. After restarting the browser you’ve to do nothing because FabTabs will automatically colorize your tabs based on the theme colors.

Settings of FabTabs

There are settings present for FabTabs like do you want to chache the site name and its color because it’ll save time of taking screenshot and analyzing it or do you want to colorize all the toolbars below the tabs? You can change the settings based on your needs. Screenshots are provided below of settings for FabTabs.


Get Any Website Ranking Details And More By Using WebRank Toolbar 4.4

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webrank toolbar

Hello Guys! Hope you are doing great. After telling you about the most convenient, download helper plugin for downloading YouTube and other online video directories, today I’ll tell you about any website’s ranking and other statistics. We all know that there are hell lot of websites exists in this world. Everyone who doesn’t know how to eat and drink has also opened a website. Just kidding. But still there are many websites and the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others strive a lot to deliver its users the most convenient results. I’m telling you about some of the basics terms related to SEO.

Website Rank : There’s this website called Alexa (and others also) which based on many conditions and algorithms provides every website a unique ranking number.

webrank toolbar

Page Rank : Google also provide a number or I’ll say a score out of 10 to each and every website based on the visitor , backlinks , and many other such conditions. A new website usually has a score of 0/10 or NA score. As the number of backlink increases, visitors increases, indexing also gets faster, etc then the page rank also increases. At present Google has got a page rank of 9/10, Facebook also same and Twitter has got 10/10 page rank.

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Backlinks : Backlinks are the hyperlinks (links that you click opens new pages) present on a website which will redirect to some other website or webpage. To understand this let us suppose that I’ve created a plugin named “PluginsTalk Hello Bar” by which you got a top bar for displaying news to your visitors in your website. You liked this plugin very much and then you decided to write about the working and other details about it. So you’ll be telling your visitor where you can find the settings of the plugin and other details by inserting a link within you article. These links which you’ve written which helps your users to navigate between websites/webpages are known as backlinks.

You can get all of such information like website rank by Alexa, Compete and Quantcast, page rank, number of backlinks by google, bing and Alexa, get a similar website, get the who is information, and much more by installing WebRank Toolbar plugin in Firefox.

Installation of WebRank plugin

The installation procedure is similar to other plugins in Mozilla Firefox, what you basically need is the add-on page URL which you’ll find in the useful links section below. If you are a newbie then you can go through our tutorial regarding same.

Working and Settings of WebRank plugin

  1. After installation you might need to restart Firefox.
  2. After restart what you’ll see is a new bar has been added beneath the address+search bar.
  3. Now whenever you open any new webpage/website this bar will show all information related to it.
    1. First you’ll find the page rank. For ex:
    2. Second you’ll find the Alexa website rank. For ex:
    3. Then the compete website rank. For ex:
    4. Then the Quantcast website rank. For ex:
    5. Then pages indexed in Google. For ex:
    6. Then pages indexed in Bing. For ex:
    7. Then backlinks provided by Google. For ex:
    8. Then backlinks provided by Bing. For ex:
    9. Then backlinks provided by Alexa. For ex:
  4. Clicking on any button will take you to the relevant website which has full details.
  5. There’s a settings button by which you can handle what you’ve to see in the toolbar.